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Drone Games
Joel Narlock

“What do we gain if an operative manages to break through the defenses in a US airport?” Al-Aran asked. “A few hundred dead and perhaps one aircraft. What if we could clip the wings of seven thousand passenger planes indefinitely? If multiple planes mysteriously exploded in-flight? The Americans will have to close their skies.”

While millions of Americans go about their daily lives, halfway around the world an al-Qaeda cell hatches a deadly new terror plot. It’s unthinkable in its devastation. It’s brilliantly easy in its execution. And it’s capable of bypassing all the security measures the United States implemented in the decade since 9/11.

First, a Delta flight crashes on departure into Lake Michigan. Eight hours later, a United aircraft comes down over western Iowa. For the second time since flying was invented in 1903, the US airline industry is forced to a standstill.

The message is clear. Stop flying—ruin the economy. Keep flying—more people will die.

Now Homeland Security Director of Counter-Intelligence Jack Riley must lead an FBI task force in a frantic search to discover and eliminate the plot before more people are killed or the economy crashes permanently. The clock is ticking…

Product Details
Title: Drone Games
Author: Joel Narlock
ISBN-13: 9781462114870
Publisher: Sweetwater Books, Cedar Fort, Inc.
Publication date: 10/7/2014
Pages: 304
Price: $16.99

9780843952872_p0_v1_s260x420Target Acquired

When a spy gets hold of a special U.S. weapon still in its developmental stages, he uses it to start assassinating Washington’s power elite.

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