Deadly Drones

Drone Games 2x3 WEBWelcome to the official website of author Joel Narlock and the book Drone Games.

Drone Games

An al-Qaeda cell carries out a terror attack on US soil. The most daring in history.

A Delta flight, Milwaukee to Atlanta, crashes on departure into Lake Michigan. 152 passengers and crew are lost. Pilot error? Mechanical failure? No one knows. The FBI, Homeland Security, and the NTSB begin routine investigations. There may be evidence of domestic terrorism.

You’re the President. Do you shut down air traffic across America? Of course not.

Eight hours later, the unthinkable happens. A second plane crashes over western Iowa. Homeland Security believes that it is domestic terrorism, but still no one knows why or how. And for the second time since flying was invented in 1903, the US airline industry comes to another standstill.

It’s simple. Stop flying, ruin the economy. Keep flying, more people will die.

You’re the President.


Set in modern day, Drone Games is a story of domestic terrorism that hits at a pillar of American commerce – the airline industry. Two commercial aircraft are lost and the Government has no choice but to halt a major segment of the US economy. Jack Riley, Homeland Security Director of Counter-Intelligence leads an FBI task force in a frantic search for answers. The theory? A mysterious bomber-terrorist has somehow managed to sneak an explosive onto commercial aircraft and detonate it in-flight. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the facts. After a ten-day shutdown, the pressure to resume flying is enormous. The President reluctantly lifts the no-fly order. Within hours of that decision, a third aircraft crashes into San Diego Bay. The country is in chaos. Welcome back to terror in the skies. Finally, a clue among the wreckage: a toy wing. Small, plastic and bird-like. The evidence points to a new weapon of terror. Silent, remotely-controlled and deadly. Drones. Sinister, realistic, and very believable.

Please fasten your seat belts and prepare for departure.

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